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business ark sz

dont judge me mama
dont tell me that ive done wrong
its a hard business
its a hard business to make it on your own

dont judge me papa
if i cant handle the things in my head
because its a hard business
such a hard business walking on the edge

i got nothing and no-one in my life
so how can i lose again
got my feet in muddy water
but im gonna find that road again
so ill be taking care of business
coz i know what im looking for
oh ive been working every hour god gives to man
but i still see the same closed door

ive got nothing but trouble in my life
but i feel ive got a lot to give
every day i try to build a new world
but ive had no-one to build it with
oh ive been looking for a woman to share my hopes
but i know i aint a patch on you
and ive been thinking that a womans gods gift to man
are you thinking the same way too

so dont leave me mama
dont make me go on alone
because its a hard business
yes its a hard business, oooh

dont leave me papa
when my belief in myself is gone
because its a hard business
such a hard business

tell me, its a hard business
being on my own

taken from the album "another world" (1998)


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