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in the backroom ark sz

when señoritas walk at night,
habañeros on the move,
its music to their ears in the backroom.
if theres money to be made,
and its a hundred in the shade and in the backroom,
shes sentimental like the last
of the foreigners running past her to the backroom.
and if things arent sweet in mecca
shell be begging for forgiveness in the vacuum.
theyre taking pains with california,
and theyre guaranteeing boredom for the monsoon.
and apart from what was offered
there were mothers buying orphans at the auction
youre much better off in twos
if youre coming to see the carnage in the backroom.
doubled over on the table
i was concentrating harder in the backroom.
weaving in and out of consciousness
hiding out behind the entrance to the backroom.
it took longer than expected:
they had difficulty swallowing capsules.
we had a keener nose for trouble
than the sniffer-dogs at heathrow -
youd be trousers down in no time in the backroom.
almost nothing in the papers...
told me it happened when they emptied out the backroom.


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