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burning airlines give you so much more ark sz
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burning airlines give you so much more ark sz

when i got back home i found a message on the door
sweet reginas gone to china crosslegged on the floor
of a burning jet thats smoothly flying
burning airlines give you so much more
how does she intend to live when shes in far cathay
i somehow cant imagine her just planting rice all day
maybe she will do a bit of spying
with microcameras hidden in her hair
i guess reginas on a plane a newsweek on her knees
while miles below the curlews call from strangely stunted trees
the painted sage sits just as though hes flying
reginas jet disturbs his wispy beard.
when you reach kyoto send a postcard if you can
and please convey my fond regards to chih-haos girl yu-lan
i heard a rumour they were getting married
but someone left the papers in japan.
left them in japan.


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