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happiness is a warm gun ark sz
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happiness is a warm gun ark sz

shes not a girl who misses much
do-do-do, oh yeah
shes well acquainted
with the touch of a velvet hand
like a lizard on a window pane

man in the crowd
wtih the multicoloured mirrors
on his hobnail boots

lying with his eyes
while his hands are busy
working overtime

the sole confession of his wife
which he ate and donated to the
national trust

i need a fix cause im going down
down to the abyss that ive left up town
i need a fix cause im going down

mother superior jumped the gun -6

happiness is a warm gun -4
(bang, bang, shoot, shoot)

a guy: josephine, do you think you are going bald?
josephine: no. youve asked me that before and the answer was no then.


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