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freed pig ark sz

you were right
i was battling with you
trying to prove myself
i tried to bury you with guilt
i wanted to give you all
ive got nothing better to do
then pay too much atttention to you
its sad but its not your fault

self-righteous, rude
i guess i lost that cool
tapping till i drive you insane
self-righteous, never right
so laid back, so uptight
to tolerate me
and the negative spirit i bring

why, i was obsessed to bring you down
watching your every move
playing a little boy game
always had something to prove
waiting to cut you down
making it hard to move
with only one thing to do
tell me first to make it easy

now you will be free
now nothing depends on me
tapping till i drive you insane

now you will be free
no sick people tugging on your sleeve
i figure it has that warm room to grow
a glory i would never go
a glory i would never go

frede pig


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