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jessica simpson, jessica simpson arklar, jessica simpson ark szleri
1.a little bit371
3.betcha she dont love you496
4.did you ever love someone488
5.everyday see you380
6.final heartbreak390
7.for your love391
8.forbidden fruit378
9.forever in your eyes408
11.heart of innocence371
12.his eye is on the sparrow354
13.hot like fire414
14.how could i let you down480
15.i can, i will509
16.i have loved you428
17.i never448
18.i think that im in love with you493
19.i wanna love you forever421
22.ive got my eyes on you524
23.my way home358
24.my wonderful394
25.sweet kisses469
26.sweetest sin419
27.take my breath away438
28.there you are375
29.to fall in love again426
30.whats it gonna be447
31.when you told me you loved me544
32.where you are397
33.woman in me414
34.you dont have to let go412
35.you dont know what love is511
36.you put your faith in me378
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