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jesse powell, jesse powell arklar, jesse powell ark szleri
1.after we make love421
2.all alone464
3.all i need418
4.are you missin my love547
5.bout it bout it368
6.cant take it584
7.go upstairs427
8.i can tell431
9.i didnt realize514
10.i like502
11.i wasnt with it567
12.if i514
13.if you like what you see407
14.invisible man390
15.is it over365
16.itll take the world607
17.id rather be alone660
18.im leaving560
19.let go418
20.looking for love342
21.on your mind367
22.she wasnt last night523
23.something in the past374
24.spend the night its alright398
25.take my breath away370
26.the enchantment medley: gloria, its you that i need50
27.up & down377
29.you dont know490
30.you should know414
31.youre the one i love567
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