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jennifer rush, jennifer rush arklar, jennifer rush ark szleri
1. lovers305
2.a broken heart359
3.a touch of paradise374
4.all i want is you430
5.all in love is fair412
7.another way349
9.ave maria726
10.call my name425
11.come give me your hand348
14.deeper within295
16.down to you364
18.falling in love304
19.farbenspiel des winds286
20.for all that302
21.frere jacques888
22.healing power317
23.heart over mind292
24.heart wars359
25.hero of a fool294
26.higher ground277
27.i cant say no462
28.i come undone368
29.i see a shadow not a fantasy294
30.if youre ever gonna lose my love471
31.into my dreams280
32.im in it for love517
33.keep all the fires burning bright292
34.live wire594
35.love get ready322
36.love is a wild thing297
37.love is the language of the heart320
38.love of a stranger317
39.madonnas eyes665
40.midnight mirage335
41.more than words332
42.never gonna turn back again443
43.never say never344
44.nobody move383
45.now that i found you363
46.piano in the dark330
48.power of love299
49.ring of ice314
50.sense & sensibility357
52.silent killer304
55.sweet thing341
56.tears in the rain389
57.testify with my heart310
58.the end of a journey308
59.the flame332
60.the last days of summer317
61.the place you find love282
62.the power of love369
63.the right time has come now332
64.timeless love507
65.twentyfive lovers311
66.unwanted child331
67.vision of you339
68.waiting for the heartache311
69.walk away333
70.we are the strong353
71.when i look in your eyes308
72.where can you run329
73.wherever you are329
74.who i am361
75.wings of desire315
76.yesterme, yesteryou, yesterday452
77.you dont know what youve got until its gone390
78.youre my one and only402
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