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jennifer love hewitt, jennifer love hewitt arklar, jennifer love hewitt ark szleri
1.baby im a want you629
3.can i go now384
4.cant stand in the way of love481
5.cool with you323
6.couldnt find another man584
7.dancing queen362
8.dont push the river549
9.dont turn your head away495
10.everywhere i go408
11.first time345
12.free to be a woman364
13.hey everybody508
14.how do i deal371
15.i always was your girl365
16.i believe in394
17.i know you will359
18.i want a love i can see431
19.in another life448
20.im gonna love you575
21.last night382
22.lets go bang606
23.me & bobby mcgee320
24.never a day goes by355
25.no ordinary love377
26.our love dont throw it all away500
27.please save us the world357
28.stand in your way369
29.the difference between us367
30.the garden557
31.the greatest word364
33.you can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life339
34.you make me smile593
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