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fighting gravity ark sz

i talk to you all the time
the world thinks im
crazy as crazy is
and i dont feel much different
fluorescent lights hum
their incessant anthem

everything that i believe
and everything that holds me
together at the seams
seems so far away from here
and were all wandering
where we going?

and i wish that my colors werent so
faded, faded
and i wish that i didnt feel so cold
and everyones so slow and
jaded, jaded
falling asleep to this midwestern drone

feel like rnuning every day
away from this life that ive made
built to last a little too long
feeling trapped under my own weight
too heavy now to stand
let alone fly
and im always watching the sky
with jealous eyes
wish id finally fall apart
do something desperate to change a thing
changed my mind again
just when i was getting brave

somewhere over this city
high above the red brick chimneys
i know we can escape all this
it feels like fighting gravity
where we going?



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