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wake up reprise in the sunshine ark sz
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wake up reprise in the sunshine ark sz

peace to the god
peace allah
aiyyo there go that brother grand puba
i heard that brother got knowledge of self
yo true indeed brother
yo lets have that brother come over and add on to the cipher

"sunshine!.. everybody loves the sunshine!"
"folks get down in the sunshine!"
"everybody loves the sunshine!"
"my life, my life, my life, my life"

[grand puba maxwell]
aiyyo knowledge this
the attribute haji helper to another god
in need he allah god islam
as i proceed to civilize the uncivilized
word of wisdom to the groove from the wise (speak on it god)
i guess im like the verbalizer for the fact im movin blackwards
this asiatic black man is a dog spelled backwards
the maker, the owner, the cream of the planet earth
father of civilization, god of the universe
manifestin thought with my infinite styles
making sure this travels, twenty-three million miles
the other six i set the crucifix
because the heart of the problem is this.. (speak on it god)
preacher got my old earth puttin money in the pan
for the rest of the week now im eatin out a soup can
he has a home, drives his caddy through town
has my old earth believin that hes comin from the ground (jesus)
slain are those who fought for what was right
slayed are those who fell victim to the bite
a drug controlled substance, contained in a vial
set up by the devil as he looks and he smiles
good at the game of tricknology
but i have knowledge of myself youre not foolin me
you see, the answer to me is black unity
unification, to help our bad situation
i wrote this on a day of wisdom power
all bein born to myself (god!)
i wont diss the next brother to be paid thats not my trade
its just the plan that is designed by the colored man
now our babies are born to think this is the way of us (way of us)
thats the way the devil wants it so it is no fuss (it is no fuss)
its just that sad old song self-destruction
to stop our reproduction

there put our wisdom before us (murderrahh!)
that makes it wisdom knowledge (murderrahh!)
but we need knowledge wisdom
to bring forth the understanding (murderrahh!)
culture freedom (murderrahh!)
power refinement (murderrahh!)
equality god build destroy borns our cipher (mudererrahh!)

(can a devil fool a muslim?) no, not nowadays bro
(do you mean to say the devil fooled us 400 years ago?)
whitey put self, portrayed in many interpretations
sayin that wed receive more gold for our labor in his nation
(did we receive more gold?) god, now cypher
its time to drop the bomb and make the devil pay the piper

(true indeed god true indeed god) what? -3x-
(true indeed god true indeed..)

"sunshine!.. " wake up, wake up, wake up!
"everybody loves the sunshine!.. " wake up, wake up, wake up!
"folks get down in the sunshine!.." wake up, wake up, wake up!
"everybody loves the sunshine!"
"my life, my life, my life, my life"

the solution -- knowledge of self to better ourself
cause i know myself, that we can live much better than this
nothings changed, its just another sequel
the devils still causin trouble amongst the righteous people
drugs in our community (that aint right)
cant even get a job (that aint right)
poisonin our babies (that aint right)
lyin who is god (that aint right)
well heres some food for thought, many fought for the sport
and the black man still comes up short?
its time to motiviate, build and elevate
blind deaf and dumb weve gotta change their mindstate
so i dip dip diver, civilize a 85er
gotta let him know the devils a conniver
this is the plan from the brotherman
from the motherland now its time to take a stand
i keep strivin to do my duty to awake em
to the universal family i say asalaam alaikum

now ima do like this
nuff respects to the brother jazzy jay, nuff respect
nuff respects, to my brand nubian brothers
bust it
lord jamar, god allah
derek x is on the flex
alamo is good to go
sincere, the god is in here
so move on black man, move on
we gotta move on black man, move on
move on black man, move on
we gotta move on black man, move on
now before i motivate ima just say like this
please.. educate allahs children, with equality

move on black man, move on
you gotta move on black man, move on -2x-


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