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try to do me ark sz

chorus: singers (repeat all 2x)

"you tried to do me" (3x) "i am not the one" (1x)

[grand puba maxwell - over chorus]
tried to do me god
but see baby, i am not the one baby
you tried to do me
yeah.. yo check this out

verse one: grand puba maxwell

why you wanna live so foul? you know
sweatin, one for some, is not my style
im the type to wine and dine and the candlelight
cause just one night could be just so right
your first riff, is that im never home
and youre, sick and tired of bein alone
but baby, i got work to do
and aint no-one gonna stop me from bein pu
i buy you rings and things and all that good stuff
but you still beefin that that is not enough
lets sit down and discuss it
baby bust it..
you check my beeper when im still sleepin
when i get out of cars youre out your window peepin
i think the best thing for you and me
is just to play like john lennon and _let it be_
you tried to do me

chorus: singers (repeat all 2x)

[grand puba maxwell - over chorus]
yeah.. but you see baby
i am not the one
you tried to do me, yeah
ay bust it

verse two: grand puba maxwell

i would sing the song called just be my lady
but youre the type of girl who likes to act real shady
and rain on the brain like a hurricane
throw rhythm on a dame, cause i know the game
you see, im just a rapper and nothings free so..
"why are you watchin me?" -like rockwell-
well honey can i get some privacy?..
you say cool, then you try to flip
but you forgot to put the gucci bag upon your hip
you knew me, you blew me, others would pursue me
the question that i ask is why you, tryin to do me?
make like a ship and just float on (float on)
im not the type of brother that you can just gig on
i know the time honey, there it is plain to see
youre tryin to do me

chorus: singers (repeat all 2x)

[grand puba maxwell - over chorus]
you tried to do me
yeah, but you see baby
i am not the one
i aint havin it


interlude: grand puba maxwell

now see baby, i dont know why you tryin to flip and alla that
cause im out here tryin to do my thing
and get these papes in todays society, youknowhatimsayin?
im tryin to make things a little better
but if you wanna make matters worse
let me say this first
theres no need for you to try to do me

chorus: singers (repeat all 2x)

[grand puba maxwell - over chorus]
you tried to do me
you tried to do me babe
but you see
i am not the one
you tried to do me
and now check it, ima end it like this

verse three: grand puba maxwell

now.. good times come, honey good times go
i think this is somethin that you really oughta know
the name of the game is to maintain
cause when you lose someone you love, then you feel pain
its up to you to decide if the love was worth losin
to me youre not the everyday, tina tammy susan
why cant you, understand?
instead of tryin to run the flim-flam on the grand
baby, do whatever is clever
cause we can make this last.. forever and ever
with joys theres pain
but dont you worry about the puba maxwell, cause i can stand the rain
shoo-be-doo, this is what you oughta do
think of all the things that i just told you
remember all the times when i used to hold you and say
we can last through eternity
but dont ever try to do me

yeah.. yeah..


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