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the godz must be crazy ark sz

[lord jamar]
the godz must be crazy!
i said the godz must be crazy
the godz must be crazy!

they said the godz must be crazy, cause i let my hair go wild
lookin like a nappy nigga child
black folk say, "cut that bush"
quicker than george bush, drugs get pushed
they want a nigga clean-cut like the ancient greeks
but the ancient greeks, were fuckin freaks
im gonna let it grow like a forest
aint choppin shit down, thats why i hear the sound..

[sadat x]
some days i wake up mad and i dont feel like hearin shit!
put all your talkin to the curb jack, you dont even know me
keep thinkin wild, crush a kid when live, big on stage
at a show, not even fuckin up my cool flow
but this country lucks breakin, theres a war against the righteous
but i got a gun, and the god got one
and his man got one, and we gon all be armed
the scope is aimed at the white house, and still they say
the godz must be crazy..

the godz must be crazy!
they say the godz must be crazy
the godz must be crazy!

(nobody do i need! bitch back up!
you think the godz is trizznippin?
you flexin! you betta watch yoself!)

[lord jamar]
they say the godz must be crazy, cause i dont bow to the cross
i even had a priest get tossed
teacher of lies, kept his sword
and when you do, youre gonna praise the lord
of all things i could, but i dont splurge
wont submerge myself, in material wealth
just health and well-being through all eye seeing
but 85% of yall is disagreeing
see the black man is god and thats an actual fact
but everytime i scream it yo im under attack
with the crack on my people like a monkey on the back
bust it in the brain, fuck it if it leave a stain, no pain no gain
black man, change your demeanor
its gonna be some shit, when they unleash fema
were headin, for armaggedeon, im only spreadin the facts yo
but since im black, they say that
the godz must be crazy

uh-huh, the godz must be crazy!
they say the godz must be crazy
the godz must be crazy!

[sadat x]
one day i seen a riff, it was three against one
became three against two cause the one man was black
now three against three cause mark the spark was with me
four against three cause daddy-o from stet was there
was the odds fair? have they ever been?
i proceeded with this plan to cut a hole in the grafted man
but then i chilled, ill wait for the war..
.. then i can off much more!
skulls on the pavement, bones to bones
sawed-off, mix it with, micraphone
whole blocks, filled with, pools of blood
stars and stripes burned up in the mud
c-cypher-punks jump up to get beat down
play around with the x and get your eye split
were goin two to the head sadat x broke bread
who said the godz must be crazy?


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