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sweatin bullets ark sz


sweatin bullets, watch me pull it on a motherfucker (wet em up!)
sweatin bullets, wet a whole click full of suckers (wet em up!)
sweatin bullets, watch me pull it on a motherfucker (wet em up!)
sweatin bullets, if i flip then im gonna fuck it (wet em up!)

verse one: sadat x

for the next couple of seconds or however long it takes
ima hit yall with somethin far below christ or nothin
couldnt get a better deal if this was vegas
aint no cards on the table, just a bottle of black label
and a picture of your girl who i said was sweatin bullets
reach for it, pull it, or well always have beef
youll be scared to walk the streets, sweatin up your sheets
you bought a ticket to jamaica, i caught you at the airport
blood spilled on your dome, which funeral dome is da
one preferred, all expenses occurred
to the one who sweats the bullet, slugs, thugs and drugs
or whoever bring it better be able to sing it
cos the song of a dead mans a sad one
and a family without a son is a mad one
sweatin bullets and i know you love your family
but money you cant scare me or when im feelin -?melly?-
you could get over but ima bring ya back down
play ya like a clown, from the brothers ringling
your spine is tinglin, you cant feel your legs
"will i ever walk to the doctor?" you begs
the hot one shattered your spinal vertebrae
remember that shit that you said the other day
they gotcha style with the dead arm
take the dead aim and flash your name


verse two: lord jamar

im sweatin motherfuckers like jack lelaine, i packs the pain
ill rack your brain, leave you in a sack wit your name
hangin from your toe as im bangin your hoe
shell be slangin pussy down in magic city, bringin me doe
if you dont know its lord jamar from the nubian set
no matter who the fuck you are were puttin down the sweat
servin heat on a motherfuckers street
bullets be dripped whiles a motherfucker trippin
youll never catch me slippin cos i got my rubber soles
the devils make me sick, id love to fill em full of holes
kill em all in the daytime, broad motherfuckin daylight
12 oclock, grab the glock while waitin for the night
we sweatin motherfuckin bullets, and if we break a sweat
that means well make ya wet
ill take your life and jet back to some place cooler
now ruler is where my burner gets the fueler
if niggas wanna do i got the hollow point teflon
the kind niggas will vest then get laid to rest on
so niggas bring your best on but i suggest you invest on
a burial plot cos shit is gettin hot, were sweatin bullets



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