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step to the rear ark sz

here we go...
("okay everybody...") ("step up to this")
("sing my song") ("step up to this")
("sing my song") ("step up to this")
("sing my song") ("step up to this")

yo stud, bust it...
step to the rear, grand pu is on arrival.
raised in the ghetto singin songs called survival.
runnin round town givin all the girls puba snacks,
i wouldnt try to scale my style, you just might catch a cardiac.
figured the way to get paid is to grab the mic; rehearse, ya know.
smooth as jermaine, so honey dont take it personal.
theres no need to try to diss the swinger,
baby, all you get is two snaps up and the finger.
the bob-a-loo bad boy, a threat to the paranoid,
you try to step to this? its void!
a new hit from the grand man, with nights like the sandman,
gain for awake in case i gotta stomp a head out.
busted is a trick thats not up my sleeve,
its possessed with finesse, and it works when i breathe.
paid in the shade with an a, thats the grade,
with the papes that i made from this trade.
so get hip to the grip, you know where to slide the chips
if you wanna cash in on the wins.
grand puba and i love to hit skins...
("and you know what?")

("ive got a song to sing") ("oh bay-bay!")
("ive got a song to sing") ("here we go")
("ive got a song to sing") ("oh bay-bay!")
("ive got a song to sing")...follow me now.
("okay everybody") 6x

grand puba, the higher mystic ruler, keep a 40 in the cooler.
she dont know me, money grip, you better school er.
before i have to play her is a foul way,
and catch a quick short stay at the holiday.
now forecast as i wont be playin soccer with the dreads.
ballins my hobby, doin wonders in the bed.
from full-size, to king-size, to queen-size, to high-rise,
even bunk beds, i know how to work the leg.
if pu aint the answer, then you must be sick as cancer,
smooth romancer, let it ring, ill probably answer.
so come take a dip with your -private dancer-.
nasty, naughty, over 6 call me shorty.
but im looooong...im like stretch armstrong,
i go, on and on and on and on.
never in a scandal and im never caught schemin.
knew pu was dope ever since i was semen.
swimmin in my daddys big nuts...
but now im scoopin girls with the big ole butts.
arise to respond for the max-well,
ask well, hell, it dont even matter.
puba aint game for the shit chit-chatter.
"pubas in town, oh shit, lets scatter."
you can hide that ass, but it just dont matter.
the 90s is here, pu is on a mash-out.
huns that ive done always seem to pass out.
but hon wake that ass up, this aint the place to crash out.
you try to play me? i have to throw that ass out.
foes and hoes, good riddance.
cuz when pu comes out, therell be no skiddin.
ill slide upstairs and see chuck at the chop shop,
tell im fade the size, let a wolf on top. (?)
reel and reel and soul to soul.
honey, heel to heel and toe to toe.
it really doesnt make a diff, im not the type to riff,
i might smoke a spliff, but i wont sniff.
and ya dont stop...
("okay everybody")...now im-a end it like this:
im like superfly snuka, know how to hook a hooker,
caught her on looker, know where i took her,
to the short stay, around my way,
and like monie say, "it was the perfect way".
i caught a verse from the christian, and it goes "praise the lord"
skins lined up on a wharf for when im bored.
from na-ru, im in the right mood,
and if you like the way that this flows, well thats cool.
see this is no illusion, the style is too confusin.
if you try to bite, then youre cruisin for a bruisin.
back up, sonny, and let me make my money,
then im straight, i got a date at 8.
so see you brothers later, time to motivate.
yeah, now bust it...

id like to give a shout to my brand nubian brothers, lord jamar, god allah,
derrick x on the flex, and alamo. and we gonna give a shout to the sd50s who
pumped this. and im-a say, yo, peace...


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