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shinin star ark sz

yeah yeah, uhh, uh-huh
brand nubian, yeah yeah, check it


you dont have to drive a fancy car
just for you to be a shinin star
no matter who you are, no matter who you are

verse one: grand puba

uhh, now it started it off for me in apartment 6c
project style, ate government cheese for a while
pop duke wasnt there cos he had to do a bid
so momma love stuck with these bad ass kids
she used to say keep your head up, always think positive
and never be ashamed of who you are or where you live
teenage years i had to struggle doing that
shorty say "dont talk to him, girlfriend, look where he live at
crib probably crawlin with roaches and rats
plus cats be in his hallways with the drugs and the gats"
i used to try and honeys used to walk on by
now im damn near 20 and still aint got no ride
caught a record deal, now them same old chicks that used to walk on by
go out their way to say hi
but they gets none
thats why im with the same girl from the same projects that i come from

chorus (x2)

verse two: sadat x

well this is that time that youve waited for
three linked from what was said to be extinct
you say take my weed-smellin ass home, im grown
more thirst than if i swallowed sand bags
not fiending enough to go out and grab bags from women
i swear if we dont hear this on the air
ill be down at the station
your broadcast from monday has now been switched to no day
with the class team that im with, we stay fit
just like the calm before the twister hit
brand nubian name is gonna blister shit
we raise the flags in three places
employ black faces from midnight blacks to light tan
brand nubian straight rate policy for the world
for your little man, for your little girl, from cheryl to earl
watch how it all go down and unfurl
mark this print, i feel like weve all been sent
its more than gettin money and gettin bent
(word life, cos youre a shinin star)
no matter who you are, no matter who you are


brand nubian cats spread

verse three: lord jamar

a four-letter word seldom heard amongst my nation
understandings highest elevation, the foundation
of creation of motivation, in my family theres no relation
they got us willing to be killing off our population, full-time occupation
we need to turn it around like oscillation
or watch it all burn to the ground from frustration
lord jamar, ima show love to all my people who show
to me thats how its gotta be
peace to prodigy and mobb deep
gods working hard on the streets for the love of the peeps
niggas bring their ass in the clubs every week
walk right past the brothers and they cant speak
all hands meet to shake, for petes sake
lets break the ice, life livin love, love livin life (yeah)

chorus (x2)


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