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punks jump up to get beat down ark sz
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punks jump up to get beat down ark sz

("get nothin but a beat down!")
refrain 4x
punks jump up to get beat down!
("get nothin but a beat...")

sadat x:
one day when i was ridin on the train i seen these two kids talkin
about the nubian reign had fallen.
i didnt say nothin cuz these kids caught my goat,
even wore my coat like a murder that they wrote.
so this kid with mouth swagger n ill blaze the cloak and dagger
so i gotta show dukes the macho lot that i am.
i can rock a jam, make the world drop ham,
oh yes, im the bad man, and bad men wear black.
and if it comes to droppin bombs, yo, im with that.
though i can freak, fly, floow, fuck up a faggot.
dont understand their ways i aint down with gays.
you wanna grab the style that was made from my mom and my dad,
when i was young i used to run with a notepad.
then dimes knew and somehow i knew that i was bad to the bone...
black prodigy since the age of twen-ty.
i could write a rhyme, rip it up and write a next one,
right on the spot, sign my name with a dot.
diamond d threw me some smooth shit, bronx crowd roar.
stick up your wack jam, everybody hit the floor.
okay its you, slim, the hard rock of the pack,
dont wanna kneel to the brothers, you must be holin.
bust some shit in his chest, now his whole bodys swollen.
why did i have to do it? he asked for it.
his man saw it, so it dont mean shit to me.
hes gone, thats how its supposed to be....check it out now.
i aint goin out, man that short shit is dead,
have you heard what i said? if not, ask the dread.
he got a can and thats bad...similar to the one that i got from my own dad.

refrain 4x
lord jamar:
your punk assll be grass quick fast like my name was flash
when a nigga try and rob me for my cash.
you thought you had a sweet vic, a nice pick,
but you didnt anticipate that i might be sick.
now whos the trick, cuz im not a up. (no, no-no-no!)
i always do the fuckin, just might do the buckin.
i leave my nikes stuck in your rectum, till you learn
brand nubian, yo, you gotta respect em.
dissect em, yo, our word is bond regardless.
to my what, and do the puma strut.
so step the fuck off, before i punch you in your face,
with the mothafuckin bass!
then youre gonna taste blood in your mouth, its gonna flood south
to the ground, and youre gonna know i dont fuck around.
so if you think you had two soft newjacks,
were gonna have to off you with a few cracks
to the jaw and you wont pop that shit no more.
explainin to your friends why youre layin on the floor.
did you want some more? i didnt think so.
just got whipped like a faggot in the clink, so
i suggest you take your bloody mess and find a piece of wire,
fix your broken jaw, then its time to retire.
lord jamar will live long, cuz i give strong blows the heads of my foes.
dread flows, gives me power as it grows.
watch how rass-cladda you catch the speed knot,
heed not, and hell will be your home,
lord jamar, sadat, as we swell your dome.

refrain 4x


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