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nubian jam ark sz

intro/chorus: laura alfored

seem all the fellas understand what it feel
cos its a nubian jam and everthings real

verse one: lord jamar

its time to blow up the spot, anything you was in, youre thru the roof
all the jams we done been thru is proof
we blend truth, with mathematics doin acrobatics over beats
the sound dramatic when it played in landrover jeeps
i know my peeps is in the front of the stage
smokin blunts with the strokin stunts, ready to set it
when the word is given, i know you heard how we was livin
never takin no shit, just stayin clever and makin the hits
shakin the tits of the honeys when they jump
makin moneys what we bump cos slumps is for chumps
and we pumps, worldwide, girls slide backstage
lookin for a free ride, legs divide at a young age
lord jamar is like jesus, speakin in parables
and to devils is cemarable
to see this, but they aint got no choice
no escapin the penetration of the voice

chorus (x2)

verse two: sadat x

and i watched and i watched and i watched then i looked
the x is like no other who can drop it in the rain
im not that high, so give me back my lighter
stage right in the party at night, im in the shadows
thinkin bout returnin to the spotlight
the x is top flight, espn highlight
from, throughout the rhythm, i give em what i give em
oil slickness on that ass like -?ewin?-
i know what im doin, leave your whole town ruined
brand nubian, the name alone stands
overseas fans be shoutin different accents
so hence the black prince from 2-0
soft-spoken but my words comprehended by the herds
goin back to the days past the ol gun phase
all stare in amaze or get caught with the rays
cos the x is like the master of the phrase.....

chorus: laura alfored

seem all the fellas understand what you feel
cos its a nubian jam and everthings real
-repeat x3-

verse three: sadat x, lord jamar

i want the mic in the clutch
cos its too cold to hold, and too hot to touch
im like the thoroughbred searchin for cheese
you cant cut off the head of a fatal disease

mcs freeze at thirty-two degrees below
justice served, now watch us bust this herd
in the head with another jam set by the brother man
letters for the other man, understand

chorus: laura alfored

seem all the fellas understand what you feel
cos its a nubian jam and everthings real
-repeat 3x-


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