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maybe one day ark sz

[grand puba]
yeah, yeah yeah yeah
one time as we do it like this, yeah
grand puba, common sense

yeah, yeah, yeah
its all love yall (3x) what you say?

intro/chorus: all, common

[all] maybe one day we can work it out
strive to understand what lifes about
all it seems to be is sadness and pain
blood like rain clogs urban drains
[com] when we gonna realize and make the change
and take the blame, erase the shame
cause new millenium is knockin at your door
the new world orders what they got in store

[grand puba]
now i cant stress this enough, life sure is rough
you gotta go through a whole lotta shit
just for you to get a little bit
born into existence where your existence is non-existant
but your persistance overcomes their resistance
your daily mechanism is your defense, whether it be
past or present tense, dont be dense
im droppin this with common sense (true indeed)
as we linger on into the darkness
poisoned by society where high-anxiety is just one variety
hatin each other is another, brotha
i mean im really true to the shit, my spit aint just spit
my duty is to save my people from all of this shit
and if i can get somethin for doin that then im gon get
and i wont quit
my ways and action manifest in my way of thinkin
i just cant stand around and do nothin
while my people sinkin
i told you that i stay true
and i gotta do, what i can do, when i can do, so


grand pu...ima do....what i gotta do....what i can do
its one for all like brand nu-bian, feedin the multitudes
of five loads, dead men walkin with lost souls
some say the games are strange, our ways have been tribal
since the days of kemet, now displayed on bennett
revolutions like a pussy, im tryin to stay up in it
and our music is a message, though some is afraid to send it
i dont know much about the new world order; i know i
got a new daughter, direction and protection i must provide for her
the moral of the story im building...
like odb say, "we for the children"
nike make a killin off us, we kill each other, it kills me to see that
you take a life for gold, nigga did you really need that?
we try to escape the mixtapes, rims and weed sack
and to the new age, they say the womens gonna lead that, so


[pub] oh say it aint so
[com] it aint so
[pub] my peoples at a all time low
[com] double oh pu
[pub] nowadays we doin anything for dough
[com] for the dough doe
[pub] dont you know that knowledge is the note
[com] what?
[pub] know the ledge, dont hit the edge
the negativity pulls us down like gravity
[com] yup
[pub] devilish ways and actions poisons us like a cavity
[com] yessir
[pub] as we send this one throughout our whole proximity
[all] grand pu and common strive to come together

in this era of prepaid calling cards
i roll with squads called the gods
ignorance is at large, struggles in our backyard
i slapbox with life and see we wasnt that hard
long as you got god, even got gramps off lah
its stray lies and bullets directed, to lead the village
of lies disconnected like ghetto phones
fuck a search through a magazine for better homes
it aint gonna happen
til the devils gone with the breeze
and niggas get off they knees so...



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