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love me or leave me alone ark sz

[sadat x]
aiyyo jamar i got a girl thats bad! (uh-huh)
but she dont understand my ways.. (whys that?)
arguin days after days after days..

[lord jamar]
well i can dig it
see i done had some fly ones
but they try to get just that, thought id like to chase the cat
but im not a dog, god is who youre lookin at
couldnta tooken that, bullcrap, you woulda caught a jack

[sadat x]
i told her, "yo the first thing is when the telephone rings
it aint really nuthin but noise"
you wanna flip and lose your poise?

[lord jamar]
now they quick to flip, but yo honey get a grip
you gotta understand im a man with needs that needs fulfilling
and if you aint with it somebody else is willing
you gotta love me, or leave me alone

you gotta love me, or leave me alone
you gotta love me or leave me alone -4x-

[sadat x]
i got this good thing girl, its the righteous love
not that quick on the top, one shop hop
ill make your knees get wet in the places ill pet
ill make you breathe, faster than you can believe
within your hole ill use my control
and the final burst, ill hold
-reggae chat- until it comes
backscratches added up in sums
didnt your momma teach you bout bonin a man?
bent my dick so bad that i ran
now ill, freak of the week, or ride the quest of a yardgirls hips
your pussy cant see these lips
i keep my tongue in my mouth.. cause i cant see down south
vulgar? maybe, obscene with the purpose
sayin, "ima do my own thing, bein im my own king..
and its up to you to follow"
so on your wisdom ill shine my light
bring forth the seed, created in the night

you gotta love me, or leave me alone
you gotta love me or leave me alone -4x-

[lord jamar]
the degree, love hella right, get it right
either all the above, or it aint true love
i aint down for a honey who dont wanna submit
always throwin a fit, wanna talk a lot of shit
but love to get hit from behind
gettin crazy joy from my lazy-boy that reclines
seems the only time were not in a fight..
is when im layin the pipe..
you dont want me to bone another chick
quick to claim my name and my dick
but when i tell you get off the swine and get refined
you act like youre blind and you lost your damn mind
see im not the kind to let a woman run it
how my man rick say it? _i shouldnt have done it_
is what id be saying if you was runnin the show
no hoe, theres no gold, the g-o-d know
the time on the sun and the moon and the stars
dance to the tune of lord jamar
and if youre actin tone def its your own mental death
huh, you gotta love me, or leave me alone

you gotta love me, or leave me alone
you gotta love me or leave me alone -4x-


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