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down for the real ark sz


yall niggas hurry up. go in there, buck them niggas and get the fuck out,
dont be playin, dogg playin, yahearwhutimsayin? kill them niggas and get
the fuck back so we can stay ballin, well be chillin right here
"eh nigga, i wanna know if youre ready to do this shit? you ready to do
this shit or what, motherfucker? and dont be actin like no pussy when we
get the fuck out, man"
"is you down, nigga?" ---> o-dog

[lord jamar]
well if youre down say youre down, if youre scared, say you scared
this is the real, dont fuck around and come unprepared
or you might lose your life on the mean streets
middle of the night when the motherfuckin fiends meet
hold your grip tight yo, dont let it slip
you gotta keep your tool for the fools that wanna trip
and if they wanna trip, send em on a vacation
all expenses paid for a devils cremation
cant be no contemplation, cos if he busts first youre gettin burst, uhh
layin on your back, i guess what im sayin, black, is that
if you aint down then dont fuck around
"is you down, nigga?" cos the shit gets thick in my town
this aint a tv show or a song from the radio
murder on the streets, yo, is at a high ratio
so it aint no time for playin
you takes the 9 and ima be sprayin
now what the fucks this look in your eye? youre lookin nervous, nigga
earlier tonight you was all ready to service, nigga
now your trigger aint got no itch
youre attitude switch like a motherfuckin bitch
i can see thru your expression that youre vessin
feelin crazy pet, lookin like you wanna jet
but now the shit is obvious, you just cant deal
i gotta find another nigga down for the real, "is you down, nigga?"
are you down for the real?

[sadat x]
real lifestyles where niggas run wild
day after day the product line is a mile
a nigga got his eye aimed on whats mines
i gots ta lay low cos my po is thorough
he keep checkin every borough cos my address pad is thick
niggas be actin wild cos they girl be on my dick
this kid downtown dont like me, he say he want me dead
he even put up cash and put a price on my head
at first i cant sweat it but my little man got hit
we had a lotta thrills but now hes buried in the catskills
rumour has it, that bein with mes a target
my crew go less and less and i resort to wearin a vest
aint got no type of fans, just me and my mans
we be drawin up plans that include the use of guns
try to stay alive so we can spare no use of funds
a month or two blows, a whole year blows
are we still on our toes as we guzzle all the moet?
two drunken poets as the first shots hit
my man dont duck quick and gets hit in the chest
i just got nicked cos i had on the vest
now im dashin, cars in the garage
run past the path. run past the dodge
rumble for the keys, made it to my shit
the ak can spray now niggas is gettin hit, "is you down, nigga?"
are you down for the real?


are you down for the real, motherfuckers?, "is you down, nigga?"
are you down for the real..............?, "is you down, nigga?"
now are you down with the real ass niggas?, "is you down, nigga?"
now tell me if youre down for the real?, "is you down, nigga?"

"is you down, nigga?" (x10)


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