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brand nubian rock the set ark sz

[sadat x]
yeah, check it out, ima flow on this one
yeah ima run with this for the ninety-two season
yo check it out

ima give you somethin cat, this is what you need
you need a coach and im a damn good coach
got the right approach, plus my pop had wins
seed trickled down, six two and brown
when _slow down_ came out, at first it was mild hit
a minute or two later, brothers on some wild shit
listen up, capture how i spree
is it you, or is it me?
made a mad verse, from first, stole second
took the third and home it was out
thats what im about, that nubian swing
familiar ring, cash register ring
pay the brothers, jack the ripper work hard
then ill be out, check it out, yo peace god

brand nubian rock the set! (8x)

[lord jamar]
fuck it up
nineteen-ninety-two, uh!
like this yall
well now this is for your clubs and your old school pubs
where niggaz get drunk and give in to the funk
speakin of funk, this here be stink
the brothers up north can smell it in the clink
well put down the right guard cause you got the right god
matter of fact, were comin right and exact
we got the brainiac style like miles davis
save us, in the files of the shit that hit
its time to make a run at five hundred yard dash
five hundred gs sold and the shit went gold
now was that bold, to predict while i kick it?
brand nubian fights, against the weak and the wicked
i got the baldhead dread sadat and sincere
oh yes, the god is in here
_to the rear_ makin shit sound clear
plus collect the dough at the end of the show
everybody know brand nubian kick that shit on stage
cause it fits in a rage
lord jamar turn the page cause this rhyme is overflowin
and bring in the funky horn

brand nubian rock the set! (8x)

[sadat x]
to really know this flavor you must understand the method
i might come up with a style, throw it down and say its tired
write a next one, smokin a blunt on the rooftop
and runnin with the sneakers or aiyyo hightops
thanks to the dread for the roots green
whole body is amped i must contain or appear
i might throw the peace at kids, go to rest and wake up goin
for days i get set off, i aint got no way of knowin
how could you fool a ruler? you still smokin wooler?
the first round pick, whyd the knicks trade rod strick?
that man is nice!
you make acts to make tracks, im tired of frontin to em
gonna step to em, cause they whole shit is dead
id rather tell em now, instead of fuckin with they head
tired of frontin, its like that huh

[lord jamar]
true indeed god yknahmsayin, aint no use frontin
word to mother

well dont look at things from the surface
a book without understanding is worthless
120 gave me plenty to chew on
planted a seed and it grew (now thats true)
on to the road where we got shit sewed
when crackin shells, and gettin to the?
i rest in the rule but dont take it for a joke
i got an automatic tool.. dont make it have to smoke
cause yo ill bust off, in god we trust, im not soft
when im droppin it, im just the opposite
now thats hard..
study lesson about farad and elijah
wont suprise you to chill with god..
of the universe, so when u.n.i.verse
we gain a better understanding
which is supreme, risin to the top like my nubian team
and we dont stop!

brand nubian rock the set! (repeat to before fade)

[ad libs to outro]


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