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brand nubian ark sz

verse one: lord jamar

brand nubian function
a junction of three
collaboration in a style thats like funk
to slap palms, swing arms
tap a soul
cause no rock rolls down our hill
yo black its kinda ill
we dont roll no rocks we just fill
heads with knowledge, pure foundation
showing and proving through the manifestation
of our name which is "brand nu"
brand nubian and weve come to
make the people aware that black means first
4000 years and were made to feel cursed
but now its our time to rule
student of the old, teacher of the new school
my inspiration is the five percent nation
as i cram, education was born
like a thorn in your side i have sworn
never to divide with brand nubian

verse two: derrick x (sadat x)

you have to stand as a black man
brand nubian
from the sudan plus i never ran
im from africa, the central region
there i grew and formed a legion of my force
see me riding on a jet black horse at any cost
brand nubians will rise up and be the boss and show it
all fairness if youre black and show awareness
you can rally round the flag
stand tall, or dont stand at all
youre with the three and the three wont sag to the floor
besides picture that im painting i can draw
see me work nine to five on my easel
my physical is strong and my mind is cock diesel
brand nubian function in conjunction with the three

verse 3: grand puba

brand nubian
not on a bandwagon following a fad
making use of the knowledge that we already had
grand pu, here to send the mind into a frenzy
i bet ill swing something this summer for the benzi
seep into the mind the brain and activate the pelvis
keeping the blind deaf dumb and blind is elvis
meaning old, so behold
(the black, the beautiful, the bold)
now if this falls short ill try harder
a wisdom to me is someone like assata
id like to say peace to bambaata
tasa kuma(?), achmed, and kenyatta
brothers thatll fight for the cause
and they live in the boundaries of the righteous laws
to put it exact dominant means black
but some have a hard time trying to swallow that
now we have some that are fake
wearing blue eyes and green eyes, come on gimme a break
brand nubian here to wake up
take off the makeup cause all itll do is cake up
just be real thats how i feel
brand nubian

verse four

(dx) a native or inhabitant of nubia
(lj) a member of one of a group of african tribes that formed a poweful
empire between egypt and ethiopia
from the 6th to 14th century nubian
(gp) any of several languages spoken in the central and northern sudan
and thats why we call ourselves brand nubian

(dx) as the midnight oil burns, our minds turn
make a mistake and be fake and youll burn
were here to teach so youd might as well learn
that the tree has the knowledge for what you yearn

brand nubian


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