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allah and justice ark sz

peace to the gods, peace to the earths
peace to the positive people of the universe
brand nubian came to work it like this
ya see, each, and every day
each, and ev-ery wa-ay
were gonna show and prove
teach you the righteous way

peace, to all-ah, and justice, and ju-stice, justice!
peace, to all-ah, and juuhhhhstice!
(repeat these two lines throught song)

[lord jamar]
the knowledge, is, the foundation
the wisdom is the wa-ay
the understanding shows you
that you are on your way
[lord sincere]
the culture, is our god
the power is the truth
equally only shows you
that you have planted your roots
[sadat x]
god, came to teach us
of, the righteous way
how, to build and be born
on, this glorious day
[all three]
the knowledge, of, the cipher
is, to enlighten you
true that true that true that you know
that god is right beside you


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