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all for one ark sz

verse one: grand puba

i hit a beat and swing a note as if my name was david ruffin
quick to toast an mc just like an english muffin
dont worry about a thing cause the pubas never bluffin
i gets headaches from the wack, so then i take a bufferin and i max
i wait until the opportune time and then i tax
but should i max?
now they say sinning is for sinners so i guess im not a sinner
beginnings is for beginners so i guess im no beginner
this is how i spark it, with money in my pocket
when it comes to having pressure i gets hard as a rocket
mc grand pu, coming through all the residue
the songs remain classics, dating back to the babalu
my boys i call em hot, the phones all of them jock
and i can think of many episodes i swung in lincoln park
no im not a phony and i got a tenderoni
love the way she is -- not too fat, not too bony
dont drink sanka, wont sink like a tanker
knock the boots of a skirt in casablanca and i thank her
some rappers stink, like englebert humperdink
better yet dick caveat, i got a bad habit
similar to the girl, on shes gotta have it
i think with the brain and i whip behind the zipper
im living kinda good similar to jack tripper
a landlord named roper did a show at the copa
when i finish with this, ill be paid like oprah
so if honey wants to act fly
ill just play like guy and im [saying bye bye..]
[.. dumb bitch] stick out your thumb and hitch
cause youve been cut off like a lightswitch
see im programmed to slam with the summer, spring, and fall
before i do a show i get some kicks out the mall
then i get my gear and i give trev a call
cause he works in the barbershop, right behind the mall
other rappers tried to rob me but you know they got did
to put it blunt, honey i smoked the kids
so hookers back off break north here comes the regulator
cause you doesnt find none greater

verse two: derek x (now sadat x)

on file is a style thats why you caught a clip
my suitcases is packed and im going on a trip to mic-a-delphia
i go for self and still be slamming
the school bell is ringing and i caught somebody cramming
for the test, oh yes, my study guide was thick
i cut you with my verbal didnt hurt you just a nick
off your face dont play possum
watch me and ill blossom like a rose
and get some new clothes and a fresh fade from rob
jump on the phone and dial the now rule mob
now come one, come all, we about to get hectic
if my crew dont get in, then the x makes an exit
to the rear, im outta here, dont front on my brothers
i take care of them before i take care of others
now wood bats is doomed in the ninties its aluminum
step to the stage with a mic and im doing him something awful
im a citizen and im lawful
i go to hunt another fall, rip the policemens ball
i got the power to make a car stall
i guess im great, from blackness, and when the crowd slackens
i stop drinking, and then i start thinking
about days in the past when derek x was last
but now im on the top damn news travels fast
cuz im like that! they cant see this
read my book, it contains many pieces of verses
i took the time to delete all the curses
so moms reach deep in your purses
and buy me take me home and try me and do me well

verse three: lord jamar

well, while i reign rhymes pour
you suck it up like a straw and jump on the dancefloor
cause every time i step in a jam
i make like a door and slam
but then girls try to turn my knob cause im a hearthrob
i guess its just a hazard that comes with the job
cause everytime i rock a rhyme that shows jamar is intellectual
girls want to get sexual
well i guess i have to cope with being so dope
you want to be me, but cant see me with a telescope
you seek and search but still you cant find
youre weak and it hurts to be deaf dumb and blind
a supreme mind, will take you out of your paralysis
i grip the mic so tight i get callouses
and your analysis, is that the lord
rips rhymes into shape with a mic cord
i do it good cause im a postive black man
eating up suckers as if i was pac man
not a dapper dan fan i stay casual
to rock like the j it comes gradual
you got to know the ledge of wise and dumb
and understand your culture of freedom
power equally with the gods
so you can build and form your cipher
all your life you must teach true
of the true and living god, not a mystery spook
and when you do that, pursue that goal
which made the student enroll, and only then youll prosper


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