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the no seatbelt song ark sz

so its sad this doesnt suit you now. and me fresh out of rope.
please ignore the lisp i never meant to sound like this.
so take me and break me & make me strong like you.
ill be forever grateful to this and to you.
its only you, beautiful or i dont want anyone if i can choose its only you.
fix me to a chain around your neck and wear me like a nickel.
even new wine served in old skins will cheapen the taste.
i shot the pilot, now, im begging you to fly this for me.
im here for you to use, broken and bruised.
do you understand?
its only you beautiful, or i dont want anyone.
if i can chose its only you.
but how i could i miscalculate, perfect eyes.
will have perfect aim? if i can choose its only you
"were wrecking" and im dry like a drum
so fine, ill leave... were spent.. take our time.. measured
we slave for days.
its only you, beautiful. or i dont want anyone if can choose its only you.
but how could i miscalculate
perfect lies from a perfect dame. if i can choose its only you.


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