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last year and a half i walked out on familiar faces
had to cut some losses
learned to never be complacent
i searched for some answers
but the bottle couldnt show them
which took me to some places
i never should have been
i found that true friends may be
the ones you rarely hear from
cause many said theyd be here
but now they cant be found

learning sometimes means soul searching
there are no words to calm that kind of hurting

i never considered
myself fortunate
bowing to circumstance
searching where to place the blame
selling myself short
looked right into the mirror
face down all my fears
i will rise above

the endless thoughts that feed
the sleepless nights repeating
almost let me give up
the only hope i ever had
trusting too quickly
can end up being too costly
because many people folled me
maybe i just wanted to believe


the world can be so cold
when you step into the unknown
the streets all look familiar
that just multiplies the danger
there is one thing thats for certain
theres no one you can count on
the change occurs inside you
got to make your own way


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