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this is where i belong ark sz

here i stand in the northern rain
and i cant believe im home again
and i cant believe how nothings changed
im finding my way
old park bench where i carved my name
but now it doesnt stand alone
cause now the trees have over grown
many a road that ive travelled
thats led me a stray
heres where my hearts gonna stay

this is where i belong
this is where i come from
no need to shed my tears
or face my fears anymore
so i wont walk alone
taking things on my own
all of the lands ive roamed
memories of my home
they keep beating strong
cause this is where i belong

there you stood in the open door
just like so many years before
when i told you that i needed more
in my life
i was wrong to ever walk away
abandon all the love that we made
but now ive learned from all my mistakes
just like a star in the sky
guiding me on
your love is pulling me home


just like a star in the sky
guiding me on
your love is pulling me home

chorus to fade


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