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lift us up ark sz

so many times he crossed the line, overboard, overdrawn, over looked, its over now
she looks at herself no one to turn to, then she wonders how it got this far
right to pain and plight she enters false pretend to make him fight harder

lift him up to watch him crawl, so simple when women come
laughing as it all unfolds, self-righteous grudging soul

retrospect never shined so bright, different goals, different lives, never saw, i dont know why
inflated stories reel my mills? from the course back to the source words in circles all lies
he tries to make her feel so used, has her pain all in vain so he can close the door

lift her up to watch her fall, her broken heart grows numb
laughing as it all unfolds, self-righteous grudging soul

all that you breed will become your disease and will only hurt ourselves,
as the love that you make, not the love that you take that keeps us alive
and you give and you take and you learn from mistakes and we all will survive
and the sky make it dark and the sun will then set but tomorrow is another star
people try to hold you down, success keeps them alive, if you falter you will soon find quick responses from behind
but if you prevail theyll turn inside out act as if they never even had a doubt

lift us up to watch us fall, not even weve gone on. jealous right from the start
weve only just begun


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