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jane siberry, jane siberry arklar, jane siberry ark szleri
1.above the treeline320
2.adam and eve391
3.all the candles in the world338
4.all through the night324
5.an angel stepped down and slowly looked around348
6.angel voyeur315
7.are we dancing now289
8.are you burning, little candle283
9.as i roved out357
10.at the beginning of time287
11.barkis is willin430
12.begat begat432
14.bound by the beauty322
15.broken birds323
16.burning ship329
17.calling all angels325
19.caravan alternate version311
20.dancing class325
21.everything reminds me of my dog289
22.extra executives329
23.false false fly339
24.first word444
25.flirtin is a flo-thing394
27.follow me323
28.freedom is gold370
29.goin down the river336
31.goodbye sweet pumpkinhead342
32.grace hospital342
33.half angel half eagle300
35.honey bee364
36.hotel room344
37.i muse aloud346
38.i paddle my canoe299
39.i will survive331
40.in the bleak mid-winter332
41.in the blue light322
42.ingrid and the footman356
43.it cant rain all the time394
44.jacobs ladder693
45.la jalouse515
46.last word400
47.lena is a white table302
48.lets not talk now374
49.love is everything345
50.lovin cup697
51.map of the world part i361
52.map of the world part ii299
53.marco polo561
55.maria wanders through the thorn408
56.mary had598
57.marys lullaby511
58.mein bitte353
59.mimi on the beach303
60.mimi speaks340
61.miss punta blanca409
62.nasty and delicious584
63.o holy night376
64.o shenandoah430
65.oh my my325
66.oh my sister330
67.ol man river325
68.one more colour295
70.puppet city315
71.quoi, ma voisine, es-tu fachee332
72.red high heels303
73.sail across the water321
74.see the child332
75.seven steps to the wall329
76.shir amami613
77.silent night377
78.slow tango574
79.something about trains329
80.song to my father267
81.streets of laredo328
82.sweet incarnadine313
83.swing low, sweet chariot294
84.symmetry the way things have to be306
86.the bird in the gravel256
87.the empty city297
88.the gospel according to darkness272
89.the life is the red wagon340
90.the lobby395
91.the long pirouette325
92.the magic beads321
93.the mystery at ogwens farm431
94.the sky is so blue291
95.the squirrel crossed the road308
96.the strange well330
97.the taxi ride296
98.the valley352
99.the very large hat296
100.the vigil the sea273
101.the waitress322
102.the walking and constantly311
103.the water is wide376
104.the white tent the raft282
105.this girl i know268
106.trumpeter swan315
107.up the loggin road381
108.valley of the dolls305
109.viking heart284
110.vladimir vladimir345
111.we should be there by morning338
112.what child is this404
113.what is this lovely fragrance stealing319
114.when last i was a fisherman299
115.when spring comes306
116.wildwood carol336
117.would you go334
118.writers are a funny breed283
119.you dont need404
120.you say i say327
121.you will be born282
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