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melting pot--european version ark sz

take a pinch of white man
wrap him up in black skin
add a touch of blue blood
and a little bitty-bit of red indian boy..
curly, black and kinky
oriental sexy
if you lump it all together
well, youve got a recipe for a get-along scene
oh what a beautiful dream
if it could only come true
you know, you know..

what we need is a great big melting pot
big enough to take the world and all its got
keep it stiring for a hundred years or more
turning out coffee-colored people by the score

rappers in the fires
bishops and the gurus
we had the beatles and the sun-gods
a long time ago (its true)
but then it really didnt matter
what religion you choose
no no no

mick and lady faithful
and everyone whos graceful
you know the living could be tasteful
why dont we all get together in a lovin machine
id better call up the queen
its only fair that she know
you know, you know..

chorus x 2 (to fade)


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