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i love the way you love me ark sz
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i love the way you love me ark sz

i like the feel of your name on my lips
and i like the sound of your sweet gentle kiss
the way that your fingers run through my hair
and how your scent lingers even when youre not there
and i like the way your eyes dance when you laugh
and how you enjoy your two-hour bath
and how youve convinced me to dance in the rain
with everyone watching like we were insane

but i love the way you love me
strong and wild, slow and easy
heart and soul so completely
i love the way you love me

and i like the sound of old r n b
and you roll your eyes when im sloppily off key
and i like the innocent way that you cry
at sappy old movies youve seen thousands of times


(listen to me now..)
and i could list a million things
i love to like about you
but they could all come down to one reason
i could never live without you..



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