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dont stop looking for love ark sz

been so long since i found someone
you came as some surprise
but i knew you were meant for me
when i looked into your eyes
so beautiful and strong
boy where did you come from
as life passed me by
you fell from the sky
and i could hear you say
dont stop looking for love
it can be found
in the strangest places
just when youve given up
along comes a miracle
that turns your life around
so dont stop, looking for love

walking around with my head hanging
down, i felt so all alone
and your love seemd miles away
i was a heart without a home
a woman in the rain
you took the clouds away
now bright as the sun
our love has begun
and i could hear you say...


suddenly my dream had
come and rescued me
i cant believe i finally reached the day
now i can say...

chorus to fade


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