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james taylor, james taylor arklar, james taylor ark szleri
1.a junkies lament516
2.aint no song483
4.angry blues441
5.another day402
6.another grey morning382
7.anywhere like heaven367
8.baby boom baby416
9.baby buffalo479
10.back on the street398
11.bartenders blues693
12.belfast to boston357
13.belfast to boston gods rifle435
14.believe it or not395
17.brighten your night with my day373
18.brother trucker397
20.cahnson, francaise586
21.captain jims drunken dream480
22.carolina in my mind376
23.caroline i see you472
24.carry me on my way403
25.chili dog717
26.circle round the sun379
27.company man416
29.country road375
30.daddys all gone543
31.daddys baby533
33.day tripper418
34.dont be sad cause your sun is down465
35.dont let me be lonely tonight431
36.dont talk now545
37.down in the hole375
38.enough to be on your way380
39.everybody has the blues400
40.everybody loves to cha, cha, cha425
42.fading away377
43.family man446
45.fire and rain373
46.first of may435
47.fool for you428
49.going around one more time360
50.golden moments376
54.hard times381
55.have yourself a merry little christmas392
56.hello old friend422
57.her town too394
58.hey mister, thats me up on the jukebox420
59.highway song363
60.home by another way386
61.honey dont leave la462
62.hour that the morning comes339
63.how sweet it is to be loved by you355
65.i was a fool to care380
66.i was only telling a lie387
67.i will follow374
68.i will not lie for you372
69.if i keep my heart out of sight399
70.is that the way you look406
71.isnt it nice to be home again542
72.ive got to stop thinkin bout that423
73.jellyman kelly472
74.johnnie comes back429
75.jump up behind me365
76.knocking round the zoo509
77.kootchs song521
78.let it all fall down355
79.let me ride368
80.letter in the mail388
82.like everyone she knows418
83.limousine driver442
84.line em up396
85.little david497
86.little more time with you355
87.lo and behold401
88.london town411
89.long ago and far away388
90.looking for love on broadway373
91.love has brought me around387
92.love songs366
93.machine gun kelly433
94.me and my guitar390
95.mean old man382
102.money machine403
103.mud slide slim374
105.my romance825
106.my traveling star382
107.native son421
108.never die young363
109.new hymn441
110.new tune495
111.night owl393
112.nobody but you398
113.not fade away439
114.nothing like a hundred miles448
115.october road367
116.oh baby, dont you loose your lip on me516
117.oh, brother383
118.oh, susannah781
119.on the fourth of july341
120.one man parade401
121.one more go round371
122.one morning in may393
123.only a dream in rio353
124.only for me370
125.only one459
126.paper moon743
127.places in my past403
128.rainy day man472
129.raised up family377
130.riding on a railroad388
131.rock n roll is music now462
132.runaway boy388
133.sarah maria543
134.sea cruise413
135.secret o life450
136.september grass367
137.she thinks i still care372
138.shed a little light359
139.shower the people349
140.slap leather418
141.sleep come free me406
142.slow burning love369
145.something in the way she moves343
146.somethings wrong470
147.song for you far away365
148.stand and fight398
150.sugar trade409
151.suite for g350
152.summertime blues410
153.summers here482
154.sun on the moon367
155.sun on the moon474
156.sunshine sunshine428
157.sweet baby james403
158.sweet potato pie369
160.taking it in367
161.terra nova375
162.that lonesome road404
163.thats why im here493
164.the blues is just a bad dream358
165.the frozen man360
166.the man who shot liberty valance387
167.the promised land357
168.the water is wide427
169.there we are385
170.traffic jam380
171.turn away386
172.up er mei463
173.up from your life369
174.up on the roof359
175.valentines day512
176.walking man416
177.walking my baby back home379
179.whenever youre ready452
180.wild mountain thyme406
181.woh, dont you know446
182.womans gotta have it467
184.yellow and rose382
185.you can close your eyes866
186.you make it easy392
187.your smiling face363
188.youve got a friend432
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