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the power remains the same ark sz
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the power remains the same ark sz

spineless bastards, blood caked bones to bang their drums
resonates in all of us as we dance like suckers
in blind delusion, kissing the masters ring
sacrifice ourselves and others to their charm

we cheer with every bomb blast ripping through every village
mourning parents of disemboweled children
we spit in their faces; we laugh in their faces

kill yourself with a noose of your own device
strangle off the flowers and leave the thorns to fight
let the peasants eat shit, theyre surely used to it
our lives go on...
and when the next group of unfortunates get their turn at the gas chambers
how loud will you cheer the soldiers marching them on
the rich stay rich and the poor die off quietly
and the power remains the same
(i am of the new revolution)


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