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rollcage ark sz

branded i got the time, my heads on overload, stressed out, feel fine
smiles full of despise, red eyed, dead souled corruption at work,
work it out.

inside the rollcage im safe from the world, strengthen my illusion
carve in my flesh, hell every day inside my world, where im alone i
cant lose time, i want to stay a while.

ive been feeling kind of down, been feeling kind of stange
in the moment of time its out of my range
some of this days im gonna feel a whole lot better
when im climbing on top of the hill.

oh, ive been watching you for so long.
ive been holding on, holding on
watching you sell out
then i felt so alone that i could never say.

ive been aching for a change, some difference in my pace,
been pointing my finger to every face
my protection is a cage and i can not get out,
just wish i knew what its all about


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