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pariah under glass ark sz

sybmolized patronized and then tossed out dry
revolution or humiliation / promise the bread the wine a life that shines / pick them up from the floor to get knocked down again / when youre bored with your mission and a new one begins / ride - your new thrill ride / smug - it suits you well /god - in your new science lab / master - of your new promised land / echo care and fake some tears to show your opponent / throwing bones with bread and circus to disguise the proof / you only empower yourself when those in need become your new / test subjects in your smear campaign 101 / recycle control from their hands to your own every word is / dropping empty promise again focus away from day to day for your own ends / their means are dying / shame - the act is old / count - your saintly sermon cells / angel - for your own rewards / bring - the mercy merchants down


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