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our time honored tradition of cannibalism ark sz
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our time honored tradition of cannibalism ark sz

from black panthers and the cia into a sharp wit with a stupid slag
weve gone and dug our own hole cause everybody knows
we eat our own
so busy fighting each other while the real bastards run for cover
we shoot our own leaders down
before those in power get the chance
so they sit back and laugh while we destroy ourselves
wake up and shut up weve become our worst enemy
turning inward to our own detriment
forgetting the message we were to end

weve lost count up victims roll call
theyre all our own look back at what weve done
drove out the wrong side kicked sand in our own eyes
with every heroes welcome is another group on the side
ready to fire if they step out of line
just one mistake
and jealous hands claw away hope for a better way
you bought it, forget it, goodbye
so saints be on your does and heroes be not proud
because as soon as the people rise someone will tear you down
wake up and shut up weve become our worst enemy


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