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my life in the knife trade ark sz

how many times have i noticed that our eyes hardly ever meet
from your judgement seat i can feel the anger for my very being
fill me in on when you became such a big part of my life
that i should bother with all your lies desigend to bring me down
wrong again dont depend on any reaction again
i remember the icy walls that shot up from nowhere
and i can see every lie that you ever told yourself
you bleed me dry and i dont ask why but im left with the dust
judas kiss i dismiss thank you all for this i am untouched

wait again im not trough with the screaming
i contend that youve got nothing better to do
trade my life for a barrel of gold
find someone else before i get too old
if i live my life for aesthetic gain will you repay me with all your shame

i can see every light inside your brain go on every time that i walk by for nods and whispers
your comfort in my suffering is no longer disturbing
im lost beyond your petty stopwatch in lifes real time


dont get up i was only leaving the room and when the door of your judgements swings back around again
maybe ill stop to watch you and ill go on my way
ive seen quite enough of too many childish games
im ashamed of every moment that i ever gave them the time of day
all the worst of enemies are somehow always friends that used to be


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