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jag panzer, jag panzer arklar, jag panzer ark szleri
1.all things renewed423
2.battle zones434
4.black sunday425
5.bloody crime424
6.burning heart780
7.call of the wild461
8.cardiac arrest441
9.chain of command410
10.choir of tears390
11.cold is the blade and the heart that wields it388
12.death row524
15.eyes of the night397
16.face of fear392
17.fall of dunsinane377
18.false messiah432
19.fates triumph654
20.frozen in fear559
21.future shock363
22.generally hostile363
23.harder then steel435
24.hell to pay401
25.hidden in my eyes364
26.insanitys mind596
27.iron eagle426
28.iron shadows386
29.judgement day377
30.king at a price387
31.lustful and free419
32.lying deceiver395
33.metal melts the ice425
34.power surge357
35.ready to strike423
37.reign of the tyrants377
38.shadow thief421
39.sonet of sorrow407
40.spectres of the past415
41.sworn to silence507
42.symphony of terror392
43.take this pain away395
44.take to the sky446
45.thane of cawdor492
46.the age of mastery402
47.the crucifix392
48.the moors354
49.the scarlet letter391
50.the silent526
51.the watching422
52.three voices of fate389
53.tower of darkness371
54.tragedy of macbeth413
55.treacherys stain506
56.twilight years365
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