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wont you be elated
to tamper with our pride
they say to celebrate it
is social suicide
im not your average beat boy
im not your rebel guy
you want to make us hated
you want to make us slide
no clause 28
no clause 28
brother youre much too late
dont need this legislation
you dont need this score
dont need this facist groove
just to show pornography the door
dont mean to be too precious
i dont mean to be uptight
but tell me iron lady
are we moving to the right?
no clause 28
no clause 28
brother youre much too late
they talk about aids they call it a curse
but brothers we know its gonna get worse
you know you wont cure it with tv campaigns
or telling those mothers what to put in their veins
im telling you suckers start using your heads
by putting the money in hospital beds
youre clamping our cars the streets are a mess
look what youve done to the nhs
not tory, not labour, not sdp
its all the same from a factory
dont talk to me about political choice
i dont like your tone and i dont like your voice
no clause 28
no clause 28
brother youre much too late


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