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performed by adam sandler, allen covert, jon rosenburg, and bob glaub
well, i had myself a girlfrield
for almost two whole years
we had no secrets
we had no fears
there was nothing we wouldnt do
when we were in the sack
shed even pop the zit on my back
but one night i was out cheating
after i drank a few
she caught me red handed
and said were through
now shes got a new boyfriend
it nearly gave me a heart attack
cuz whos gonna pop this zit on my back?
well i got a pimple and i dont know why
it keeps growing in the same place
i cant reach it with my left or right hand
i wish it was on my face
its four days old
and it hurts so bad
but its ready for a squeeze
wont somebody pop it for me please?
ill give you ten dollars
if youre a girl in this lonely world
and youre looking for a guy
ill never cheat again, i promise
thats no lie
theres only one thing i ask of you
could we name our first child zak?
oh, one more thing
please pop this zit on my back
im dying here!
a pimple ay-hee
a pop-a-doodly-doo
squirt heedly-hoo
well im sitting alone by the phone
and no one seems to call
i try to scrape my zit off on the kitchen wall
well that dont work, so i look around
and find a big shiny thumb-tack
put it on the floor, lay down
pop the zit on my back


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