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what the hell happened to me ark sz
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what the hell happened to me ark sz

performed by adam sandler
transcribed by drkxpacdx.
hey you guys, i just wanted to thank you for listening to the record and i hope you had as much fun as i did and heres one last little diddy just for you.
i used to ride my big wheel, and sell lemonade,
eat popcorn with grandpa while we watched the parade
but now im only happy when im drinking j.d.
what the hell happened to me?
i used to have fun throwing snowballs with my best friend billy
and mom would make us cocoa if we got too chilly
but now i only get excited when i see a girl pee
what the hell happened to me?
i used to be the nicest kid in the neighborhood
i only did the things that momma said i should
but now i just do whatever i want
i even whipped it out in a restaurant
i used to help clean the park in the middle of town
and then played kickball til the sun went down
but now all i do is get vd,
what the hell happened to me?
it makes no sense
i cant believe i ended on me
im out of my gourd
wont somebody please, help me?
a do-do-do-do doo a do-do waa do-do-we-oh
im kind of a wierdo


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