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lets get down ark sz

huh...here i go yall
ok what is in () is what is being said in tha back ground...
some of the words i dont know and if you do please tell me
lets get down
birdman! (ladys and gentlemen) mm-huh!
jazzy fizzle product-shizzle my nizzle. oh boy! wit lil bow wizzle (bow wizzle)
ay...ay, i see you wit shorty huh. take her to tha mall pimp! (ah-huh)

[bow:] okay!

[baby:] show me how lil man roll! (ooowwee!)

[bow wow verse 1:]
i know this chick named nichole
they call her boochie
didnt wanna shop nowhere but gucci (but gucci)
and burberry and proda was her style (ok)
im tryin to tell yall that shorty could get down (uh-wow)
conversations amazing
in my 4, shortys in heavy rotation (4-sho)
thinkin to myself like, this is the one
broke her down, told shorty how to do this hun! (4-sho)
neva gave her tha cold shoulda
if shes in the benz, i let her take ova the rova (vrrm-vrrm!)
then its off to the movies, tell her
im like austin, lets get groovyyyy!
from tha movies to tha crib
git her(?) for ya heard thats what i did, and! (ok)
ill find me another one
more interesting, more fun
tha man has just begun!

[bow:] its really, really nice to meet cha ma (whats hapnin)
im really,really diggin yo style (yo style)
say you wanna go chill wit a balla huh (bow weezy baby!)
lets get down!

its really, really nice to meet ya boy
ya know im really feelin yo style
ya know i wanna chill with a balla so
lets get down!

ay! i see what cha doin lil bow wow (uh-huh)
ya had a date.
ya did that. now i want you to go world wide with it.
east coast, westcoast, mid-west, and down bound.

[bow wow verse 2:]
i know this girl named cindi (ok)
loves to rock fendi (wow)
when she leaves the mall
the stores is all empty
eastcoast, newyork, my up town chic (wow)
i see her when i cruiz the park and 106 (holla)
next...her name is ranette (ghetto chic)
she lives on the west side i hit the l.a.x (ok)
im so impressed by the way that she dress (she got gear)
she walks like a model, the girl is so fresh (so fresh)
i got a few of them, heres what i do to them (what chu do?)
take um out, try to teach somethin new to them (hah-ok)
its no thang, when you heavy in the game
i got anotha one who loves th mid-west swang! (st, loi-e)
shes from the show-men state
so i showed her my b and my quater to eight, hey! (do yo thang)
i know you cought on late
but thats 7:45
now shorty,now lets ride
hop in the wip!


ay! now im about to test ya ps lil bow wow.
(uh-huh) see lil one ova there.
she bout 25, and she been lookin at cha.
pull ova there in ya ride on 22s and bust her out!

[bow wow verse 3:]
i know this girl named keisha
shes no groupi
be far from the stars
22s made her choose me.
like oowwee!
tellin all her friends in the benz
he dont really look 16 do he?
112, youngest thing on tha scene
couldnt believe when i seen
how she sqeezed in them jeans
looks like a tight situation
make a young man make flight reservations
just step, no intimidations
im bow wow boo
accept no imitations
should have seen tha looks on they faces
the ice plus light, makes for good converation
you tellin me
its a felony, to yell at me
i blew her mind she was dazed momentarily
but luckily
she stayed for some theropy
i stay pimpin heavily
my game spittin therolly (ha ha ha)


sha-ty (shorty) ya lookin fly boy. sertified.
ya went platnum. round tha world coast to coast.
ya good wit me. ya get a stunna certification.
r.r.a.a. ya good playa. lil bow weezy.
its yo turn shine baby (shine baby boy) do you lil daddy. (do u)
bow weezy baby!......
live it up bird call baby!
sha-ty (shorty) 5ft pimpin boy.
ya good wit me lil one. lets roll!

[girls part in chorus]


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