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i got yall ark sz

bounce, bounce, bounce
bounce wit me, wit me, wit me, wit me
bounce wit me, wit me, uhu uh, bounce

[chorus 2x:]
heavy rotation on every channel
from cali down to atlanta
you love him, hate him, no matter
i got yall (ok)
lifestyles bananas
its lights, action, camera
cuz bow wows the man
im just hot yall

[verse 1:]
okay, well right now (yeah)
turn the lights down
turn up my music loud
see how i burn this mic down
im takin flight now
let me hear you yell out
wherever you from, get it crunk
i dont care bout (naw)
ladies lookin boughi, lookin good
through chanel outfits, get to it
let me see ya sweat ya head out
then throw ya hands up
get rid of the handcuffs
i just wanna dance
what you talkin about ya man for (cmon)
baby, i got ladies way from haiti to atlanta (ladies now)
a peaches, felicias, several keishas and samanthas
aquarius, libras, sagittarius, and cancers
actresses and models, yeah, they all give me the chance to
give em amnesia (oh)
forget how we treat ya
see if i can fit you in my new 2c-uh (vroom vroom)
chisel like a fever, cool like a freezer (yeah)
baby, this the truth comin live through ya speakers


[verse 2:]
listen, i got yall (uh huh)
flamin hot dog (uh huh)
and ima stay on top, like it or not dawg (fa sho)
lose my spot, fall
naw, i doubt that (ha yeah)
see, crush or bust, pipe, i was taught to bounce back (yeah)
thats why i told ya bounce wit me (yeah)
snazzy, can ya count wit me
1 million, 2 million, 3
my account wit me rolls up (cha ching)
hold up, see me when i roll up
tinted windows rolled up
on 24s lookin like a grown up (fa sho)
hoppin up my own truck
glistenin and froze up (bling)
no introduction needed
sometimes seeins believin
so on tv, or whatever, you see me
girls all scream like i got the heebee geebees (ah ah)
tryina squeeze me, guys wanna be me
some wanna see me fail, its not easy (naw)
its impossible to beat me (no)
number one for ten weeks straight, young b-weezy
now bounce


okay now bounce....

[chorus 2x]


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