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follow me ark sz

im game (what?)
im game (ok)
i see that yall wanna be like the boy wonder (true true)
well, dont they all (me me me me)
so just sit back and relax and let holla at yall
(talk to em playboy)
this how you be me (how)

its me capital b
rap lil b
different after me
what a disaster see
its a fact that no other cat attractive as me (nope)
cant no other mc step in my ivs
but see i wrote a booklet for you to get (ha)
the game on top, a couple platinum plaques
number one, its apparent you gotta appeal the parents
be real, wont they see through you like you transparent
number two, i scan the whole world in panoramic
find a loophole to develop my flow then i ran with it
now step number three
ha, it aint that easy (nope)
gotta listen close if you wanna be weezy (yup)
dress wired, make sure yo attire stay hot
top to bottom, got them school girls cryin
step off, you gotta make sure yo style remains raw
but wait, theres more

[chorus 2x:]
all you youngns tryina do it how i done it
what i been yo, what im becomin
but its nothin now
all you kids tryina get it how i get it
wanna spit it how i live it
wont you listen then

[verse 2:]
yeah, gotta have some attitude
cant dress sloppy (no)
talk with some slang and you gotta act cocky
make sure yo pants sag low
and if you rock an air new fit it
make sure that you stick to shows (haha)
its a must that you rock two chains (bling)
cuz dawg where im from
well, money aint a thang
clothes oversized (yeah) tires real wide
gotta pay my dime over just so she can ride
gotta be real smooth
be too cool
gotta be that cat that guy that dude
if you wanna be bow
watch how i walk this (ok)
easy, sit back, listen while im talkin
make sure yo shoot game is up to par
make sure you remain number one on 106 & park (yeah)
gotta like yo girls ghetto
gotta be a headliner
gotta be a platinum back to back rhymer
im game


[verse 3:]
follow me follow me but dont lose yo grip (ah uh)
get yo cornrows and shelltoes and learn how to skip
mix that and a throwback and a flow thats sick
now hold that pose right there
thats almost it
and if you wanna copy my jewels
dont go and get no looney tunes tryina do what i do
like dude i got more karats than that wascaly wabbit
and its a fact that im responsible for yall funny rappers (haha)
i try to rhyme for a minute
but every time i get a sentence its like yall re-spit it (yeah)
re-admit into the system right after i did it
you get it
you make a livin off the way that im livin (true)
copy my image
so im one of a percentage
listen, dont be sloppy
ill show you how to get it
you gotta rhyme hotter, dress proper
so you got a lotta ladies and diamonds in yo pocket now
you got it?



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