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eighteen ark sz

lets take a pause for a minute
lets go
check it out man
see man, bow weezy right here live and direct
im talkin to yall youngns out there baby
i cant wait until i turn eighteen
i know its the same for yall
man, i know, i know
im talkin bout pullin up in them big cars on them 22s
naw forget that, im talkin bout charlie woodsens man
ima pull up, im talkin bout 24s
its a wrap for yall when i turn eighteen
listen to the hook

when i turn eighteen
i need to ride on some rims thats clean
and them brand new js when i hit the scene
when i turn eighteen
i need a girlfriend older than me
and she gon have to be a dime if she rollin wit me
when i turn eighteen
i pull up and stop, let my system knock
they all know im supercool when i drop the top
when i turn eighteen
i get my crib up on my first day
and every week we celebrate like its my birthday
when i turn eighteen

[verse 1:]
ima be leanin and dippin sittin on some inches ridin
get in that, women they lovin my every sentence
its weezy baby
from the truck to the drops to the coup to the high 2s
see that yall, you gotta believe me baby
the game tight and the bank right
since fame came in the bright light
you gotta release me baby
i cant be tied up
cant be handcuffed to no chick at the party when i ride up
cuz i gotta mingle
i know im great with the lingo but ya hear
i gotta motivate, i just gotta be single
and yeah like when i see you
yea like how you jingle
and yea said ima ring you but baby i cant bring you
cant wait till the day comes
when i wake up and im eighteen
not a young pup but a big dawg
and i bark loud and i switch cars
it sounds hard but its not yall
when i get there thats it yall
ninth day of the third month, its on


[verse 2:]
up in that h2 with them wheels to match
got them big dawg speakers bumpin up in the back
got that snoop dogg cd is what i insert
roll down my windows, sounds like a concert
and on a beautiful day
i just might switch in the rover
so fresh so clean like outkast
apd cant pull me over
im big pimpin like jay-z
steady stunning like baby
i need a girl like free mixed with some hale barry
and a lil hood which is good like trina to be my lady
just call me cassius clay
baby cuz im the greatest
and cant nobody my age can never ever fade this
im unfadeable
im untouchable
im on a mission now
im in transition now
b-o double double o double
its bow wow
im in the house now and im up outta the pound
now listen to the hook, this how its goin down


yeah, you know what im sayin
im speakin for all the young ones my age
ya namean
bein told you cant do this
you cant get in here
and you wanna do it
this the song right here
this the anthem for us right here cuz im one of them
always told no, you cant get in
but you know what
thats gonna change man
when i

[chorus 2x]


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