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the thanksgiving song performed by adam sandler ark sz
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the thanksgiving song performed by adam sandler ark sz

"they wanna hear the thanksgiving song! all right.."
"this is uhh, this is the thanksgiving song"
"i hope you enjoy it."
[starts playing]
love to eat turkey
love to eat turkey
shout from crowd: "i love you adam!"
adam sandler: "ohhh, i love you!"
love to eat turkey
cause its good
love to eat turkey
like a good boy should
cause its turkey to eat
so good
adam sandler: "that clappins messing my head up man. i appreciate it. but i was trying to think of the next line and all i hear is clapping. here we go... thanks anyways"
turkey for me
turkey for you
lets eat the turkey
in my big brown shoe
love to eat the turkey
at the table
i once saw a movie
with betty grable
eat that turkey
all night long
fifty million elvis fans
cant be wrong
turkey lurkey doo and
turkey lurkey dap
i eat that turkey
then i take a nap
thanksgiving is a special night
jimmy walker used to say dynomite
thats right
turkey with gravy and cranberry
cant believe the mets traded darryl strawberry
turkey for you and
turkey for me
cant believe tyson
gave that girl v.d.
white meat, dark meat
you just cant lose
i fell off my moped
and i got a bruise
turkey in the oven
and the buns in the toaster
ill never take down
my cheryl tiegs poster
wrap the turkey up
in aluminum foil
my brother likes to masturbate
with baby oil
turkey and sweet potato pie
sammy davis jr.
only had one eye
turkey for the girls and
turkey for the boys
my favorite kind of pants
are corduroys
gobble gobble goo and
gobble gobble gickel
i wish turkey
only cost a nickel
oh i love turkey on thanksgiving
happy thanksgiving everybody!


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