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jaci velasquez, jaci velasquez arklar, jaci velasquez ark szleri
2.al mundo dios am629
3.baptize me442
4.center of your love422
5.child of mine432
6.colors of the heart391
7.come as you are435
8.como se cura una herida429
9.como una flor407
10.con tu amor638
11.crystal clear403
12.de creer en ti444
13.dentro est tu voz502
15.every time i fall367
16.feliz navidad472
17.flower in the rain423
19.god loves you391
20.god so loved437
21.hes my savior667
22.i promise637
23.i will rest in you383
24.if this world425
25.imagine me without you418
26.ill be home for christmas668
27.junto a m685
28.just a prayer away433
29.la cancion del angel506
30.little voice inside426
31.llegar a ti455
32.lo que nunca cambiaria423
33.look what love has done401
34.love will find you451
35.made my world394
36.manantial de caricias366
37.me arrodillo ante ti542
38.mira lo que has hecho en m470
39.o little town of bethlehem382
40.on my knees510
41.one silent night386
42.paper tigers394
44.show you love432
45.si tu no estuvieras conmigo en navidad383
46.speak for me421
47.sweet surrender434
48.slo t747
49.the chipmunk song with alvin & the chipmunks430
50.the christmas song391
51.thief of always436
52.tiempo de amar feat pete orta497
53.un lugar celestial400
54.un lugar celestial a heavenly place357
55.we can make a difference337
56.we will overcome384
58.you dont miss a thing465
59.youre not there668
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