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do you remember when the days gone
by or is there no point for us to even try
back when we didnt have a care in the world,
getting drunk and chasing girls
do you remember the days gone past and how we
always wanted the good times to last the time
we spent hanging out is how we learned what life is about
everything is set for the perfect night
when music is playing and it sounds just right
it gets inside and helps you to be all that
you want and you are free
those times that we all hoped would last
it seems that theyve gone by so fast
i woke up one day and i was 25 with ahell
of a hangover and some demented sense of pride
all we had was our dreams thats all we needed to be free
after the party came and went i found myself half bent
i had to stop and look around and my friends were all i found
all these things i thought were wrong but these
contradictions they made me strong
i know i can be free and it all came from inside of me
all we had was our dreams
thats all we needed to be free
do you remember? i do!


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